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I'm in the process of creating library of all the songs I've written and recorded as Charity and the JAMband since our first album in 2002, and all related resources for each song.


Click through to each song page to find lyrics, lead sheets, chord charts, videos, choreography, and more! This is a work in progress. If there's a song listed here I haven't gotten to yet and you want more information about it, reach out to me and I'll prioritize that song. I'm excited to share all this music with you!


A Little Night Music

Amazing Rocket Ship

Animal ABC

Animal Blessing

Ball of Light Meditation



Bunny Meditation


Cake (The Vegan Remix)

Counting Tricks

Cow Meditation

Creeper Walk

Dancing with Our Masks On

Dog Meditation

Earth Day

Family Values

Flower Power

From Here to There

Get Your Booty Out of Bed

Gimme 10 Gimme 5

Gimme 5 Gimme 10

Goin' Fishin'


Green Beans Everywhere


Happy Birthday Baby

Happy Fluffy

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

Hey Diddle Diddle

Hop Jump Leap Bounce Pounce

Hot Chocolate

I Am the Earth

I See the World

I'm a Little Bunny

Ice Cream

Into Space

Itsy Bitsy Spider


JAM Is Over

Jam Jam Jam

January’s Child: Instrumental Version

January’s Child: The Birthday Month Song

Juggle the Stars

Jump into the Middle

Keep a Green Tree in Your Heart

Kids Train

Lay Down My Dear Children


Little One

Love Is Here


Major Scale


Meditation for Non-Harming

Mindfulness Experiment

Moon Hug


No Doubt About It (I Love You)

No Mud, No Lotus

Old MacDonald Had a Sanctuary Farm

One Golden Bowl

Owl Meditation


Pancakes (The Vegan Remix)

Partner Dance


Peace Breath

Peace Dream

Peace Is the Way

Peace Pledge

Peanut Butter and JAM

Pebble Meditation Song

Plant Milk

Potty Like a Tinkle Star

Rattlin' Bog

Ridin' the Big Waves



Round as a Moon

Row Row Row Your Boat

Scarf Dance

Scarf Dance 2

Scarf Dance 3

Share Your Love


Sing a Summer Song

So Long to the Day

Some More S'mores

Song in Your Heart

Song of Ten Practices and Cultivations

Song Without Words

Spider Meditation

Super Hero

Surf Check

Thank You

The Baby Dog

The Bird

The HappyCow Song

The Light

The Reminder

The Water Song

The Welcome Song

Towel Tango


Tree House

Turn Around

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Upside Down


We Are Stardust

We Are the Ones

We Like Funky

We Love Baby Chicks

We Love Everyone

We Love Those Itty Bitty Bugs

We Need Mud

We Speak for the Earth

Weather Report

Weather Suite (Rain Dance…Thunderstorm…Rainbow…Sun Dance…Weather Report Reprise)

What Animals Do

Whatcha Gonna Bring


Wise Old Owl


You Are My Sunshine

Your Body's an Instrument

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