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Song of Ten Practices and Cultivations

At the request of Guang Ming Temple in Orlando, FL, I created this interpretation of Venerable Master Hsing Yun's "The Song of the Ten Practices and Cultivations", integrating input from community members with my own Dharma practice and understanding. My intention was to create lyrics and music that reflect and underscore the innate beauty, timelessness and promise of these wonderful and beneficial practices. I hope you'll sing along!

Lead Sheets + Charts:

Please note: If you'd like the song in a different key, let me know via email and I'll be happy to send it to you!

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1. (Don’t be calculative)

Peace of mind and body will come

When we're free from expectations of others

And allow them to truly be


2. (Don’t compare)

We’re each unique, yet the same at the core

Oh no one’s less and no one’s more

Compassion - not comparing - is the key


3. (Be polite)

So can we act with consideration

Humility, respect, and love

Be courteous and kind to all we meet



Oh, this I vow to practice

With my whole heart


4. (Always smile)

When you want to brighten someone’s day

Just share a smile you know the way

You know your smile might become the source of your very own joy


5. (Don’t worry about being disadvantaged)

And when life brings us a challenge

Can we grow can we learn and show up for it

And be grateful for the suffering that transforms


6. (Be honest and kind)

Oh can we be kind and honest too

Forgive, let go, when we see the truth

That we are all one family



Oh, this I vow to practice

With my whole heart


7. (Be carefree)

Let us lessen our attachments

Our jealousy, greed and selfishness

Our delusion and resentments

And be carefree


8. (Speak good words)

Let us use our voices

To lift each other up, our words like a flower

Encouraging and comforting


9. (Befriend honorable people)

May we choose to be in the company

Of those who inspire and and those who teach us

How to create beloved community


10. (If everyone tries these ten practices, we shall live in the Buddha’s Pure Land of joy and carefreeness)

Enlightenment is in the here and now

And these practices will show us how

To be joyful, loving and carefree

In peaceful pure tranquility

The buddha everyone will be

The buddha everyone will be



Oh, this I vow to practice

With my whole heart

Oh, this I vow to practice

With my whole heart


​Charity Kahn: Songwriting, vocals, piano, strings, engineering
Daryn Roven: Final mix/master

Copyright 2022 Charity Kahn

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