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Peace Is the Way

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"Peace Is the Way" is a song about peace inside and peace outside. Can we commit to non-harming, compassion and kindness as our guiding principles? Can we choose peace with every step we make, every breath we take? Let's walk, talk, act in peace!


Verse 1

Peace is a choice we make

With every step we take

With every thought we think

Every word we say

And we can make the choice

To use our beautiful voices

And hearts and bodies and minds

Peace is the way


Verse 2

All you people far and near

It’s time to hold each other dear

For we all have a heart inside

That’s basically good

And when we remember to care

And love and listen and share

You know we change the world

Peace is the way


Chorus 1

Sometimes peace comes when you’re quiet

Or being still, or feeling calm

Sometimes peace means no more fighting

Or when the anger’s done and gone

Sometimes it’s speaking truth with kindness

And dancing wild your heart’s own song

All the time it’s strong and loving

And it’s been right here inside us all along


Verse 3

For we are all the same

Made of sun and dirt and rain

Made of wind and breath and sky

We are the earth

And if we want to thrive

You know we gotta touch it all with our mindfulness

With every step we take

Peace is the way


Chorus 2

Sometimes peace means making new friends

Welcoming hearts and holding hands

Peace means we include everyone

In our circle, in our land

And all around the world we’re singing 

Peace means we’re all family

Peace is strong and peace is loving

And it’s showing us the way to be free



Peace is







Peace is




Peace is






Let’s walk in peace

Talk in peace

Act in peace

Breathe in peace


Let’s work in peace

Play in peace

Relate in peace

Let’s be in peace


Commit to peace

Speak out in peace

Stand up in peace

Resist in peace


Rise up in peace

Protect in peace

Reach out in peace

Believe in peace...

Peace is the way


​Copyright 2012/2023 Charity Kahn

Released Dec 7, 2023

Charity Kahn: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bee synth, Lyrics+Music

Daryn Roven: Electric Guitar, Engineering/Mix/Master/Productio

David Rokeach: drums

Paul Lamb: bass

Artwork: Charity

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