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Tony Sehgal of Silver Reaction Media generously donated his time to create this amazing video for the song! We went out to Charlie's Acres together and filmed the music and some of the animal scenes, and then he collected footage from many other sanctuaries he's been to, along with some footage donated by others. I'm so grateful for this wonderful collaboration!

And THANK YOU to the amazing animals who make it all possible! We Love You!!!

Animal sanctuaries featured in the video. Thank you for participating!

Animal Place

Center for Animal Protection and Education

Charlie's Acres

Clorofil Sanctuary


Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary

Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary


Rancho Compasión

Sunrise Horse Rescue

The Pig Preserve

Volunteers for Inter-Valley Animals

Live JAMband Concert Footage

Live JAMband Concert Footage

Live JAMband Concert Footage