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"In my decades of work in early childhood education I’ve never met or heard another artist with such an innate understanding of child development in both recorded works and live performances. No other artist has a catalog of original works that spans toddlers to tweens and can shift her engagement style to match that full spectrum of child development. Charity combines musical structure, integrated movement, mindfulness and FUN!!! Charity gets our kids engaged, thinking, singing, dancing and sweating…and by the end, they are all calm, centered and confident in themselves." ~ Andy Reed, Head Teacher, Phoebe Hearst Pre-School, SF

“Charity Kahn is a first-rate musician-composer and highly experienced presenter. She has an empathic appreciation of children’s sensibilities and meets them at their level – creatively, energetically and physically! She promises educational FUN for all ages!” ~ Catherine Starr, Children's Librarian, SFPL, Noe Valley Branch

"Charity is a ray of sunshine in my week! The children absolutely love music time with Charity and enjoy singing and dancing along to all of her songs. She is more than a children’s performer; she is a beautiful artist who has created some of the warmest-hearted songs out there, bringing messages of friendship, love, mindfulness and joy! She has created seven all-original albums filled with amazing songs for the whole family to enjoy. Our school has been blessed to have Charity come three times a month to share her music and message of peace, compassion and lovingkindness. Our community has benefited more than we ever could have imagined, all because of Charity." ~ Jennifer Guinasso, Former Pre-School Director, KidsKollege Pre-School, SF

Bring Charity to Your School or Library

Join award-winning family musician and teaching artist Charity Kahn for a highly interactive, joyful and playful music session that will inspire your kids to sing, dance, stretch, breathe and imagine.


Charity integrates music, movement and mindfulness into a child-centered experience that teaches melody, rhythm and rhyme with an emphasis on social emotional learning and themes like kindness, Earth care, inclusion and respect.


Other side benefits: early literacy, sensory motor integration, healthy brain development, self-compassion, laughter and fun!

Charity is available in the following capacities:


weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual visits


one-off performances, or four-week class series

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More Testimonials

“Charity Kahn is an engaging and mindful children’s music performer. We’ve had her a couple times at the Campbell Library and the kids and their adults just adore her. She understands kids and really connects with them through her music. Lots of fun, lots of movement, and lots of happy families!”
~ Lauren Wubbels, Children’s Services Librarian, Santa Clara County Library District

"Charity loves and respects children, and her expertise in sharing playful musical experiences with them is a joy to see. She is a favorite musical performer with the families of our community!"
~ Sharon McClintock, Librarian+Manager, Youth Services, Mountain View Public Library

“Charity is an amazing music educator! Her classes offer a whole-child approach that is designed not only to only meet a child at their individual level, but help them grow in all developmental aspects. From gross and fine motor movement, to dramatic play, to mindfulness, Charity includes it all in a fun and interactive music class that gets kids up and moving, but also helps them build self-confidence and a heart-warming sense of belonging and community. Her music and lyrics are truly inspirational! Over the years, we've made artwork based on her lyrics, and our students often references her songs when reminding each other to act out of love and kindness. Our favorite part of having Charity at our school: she has gone out of her way to form a bond with our students, always reminding them of how loved and special they are. She can't leave our center without a giant group hug from all the students. The social-emotional value of having Charity as our music teacher has impacted our students and teachers so positively and meaningfully. We love Charity and you will too!”
~ Sarah, Pre-K Lead Teacher, KidsKollege Pre-School, San Francisco CA

"Charity’s dedication to teaching and her obvious love of music makes her an ideal candidate for music teacher. She has many wonderful qualities, and is creative, energetic and fun. She weaves music, movement, instruments and stories together around a common theme. Our teachers, families, and children all love music class with Charity!”
~Basima Dabit, Site Supervisor. KidsKollege Pre-School, San Francisco CA

Why I do this work

We are living in increasingly violent and chaotic times. Our kids need us to show up for them, now more than ever.

Children need to feel safe, supported and understood in order to develop. They need to be seen, heard, honored for who they are, and loved unconditionally.


They also need to be shown the importance (the necessity!) of kindness, presence, understanding, co-operation and compassion in our world. They need to hear a story that challenges the one they receive from the media and our culture at large. And we, their caregivers, need this too.

In these times, the work of being in community with children, learning together about ways to be kind, is of utmost importance.


I bring my music and messages to children, families and communities as an antidote to the sense of fear, oppression and separation that permeates our society. We work together, in collaboration, to grow into kinder, more compassionate, more aware, more welcoming human beings.

Our job is to generate love, and put it out into the world. So let's get to work!

Let's Wake Up Together!

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