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The Vegan Album

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“The Vegan Album" is our eighth studio album of music for children and families. It's about animals, and kindness, and the Earth, and our hearts, and the possibility for transformation. It's a collection of songs with a dream for the future:

A future where we prioritize kindness, compassion, respect and inclusion. A future where we practice shifting from conditioned hurtful behaviors to new behaviors that are, instead, helpful to the Earth and all beings and supportive of life. A future where we feel empowered by the choices available to us in the realm of non-harming and peace. A future where all humans, and all species, have a healthy planetary home to thrive along with. A future where children are supported in claiming, voicing and acting on their inborn compassion.


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I have attempted to imagine and articulate these dreams into songs, all while rocking out and having the grand old silly, joyful, thought-provoking time you've come to expect from our Charity and the JAMband records. I hope I have succeeded and that you will love the album! 

The band's performances (thank you Daryn, Paul and David!) and Daryn's mixes sound AMAZING. I'm forever grateful to get to work with such monstrous talents to create this music.

This album is the perfect soundtrack for families looking for joyful and ethically-aligned media to support them on their journey of raising kind, aware, awake and loving kids!

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  • Charity Kahn: Songwriting, vocals, piano, synths, acoustic guitar, ukulele, artwork 

  • Daryn Roven: Electric & acoustic guitars, synths, engineering, production 

  • Paul Lamb: Bass 

  • David Rokeach: Drums


This music is dedicated to all the animals (including humans) who are right now suffering in the animal agriculture system. May we wake up and make choices that free them from harm.

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Printables + Activities:

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Lead Sheets + Charts:

Videos + Dance Moves:

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Coming soon! Or, visit our album on Bandcamp to read lyrics. 


​Copyright 2024 Charity Kahn

Released April 21, 2024

All Music & Lyrics by Charity Kahn


Performed by:

Charity Kahn: Songwriting, vocals, piano, synths, acoustic guitar, ukulele, artwork

Daryn Roven: Electric & acoustic guitars, synths, engineering, production

Paul Lamb: bass

David Rokeach: drums

Engineering: Daryn Roven

Additional Engineering: Charity Kahn

Mix/Master: Daryn Roven

Production: Daryn + Charity

Artwork: Charity

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