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Podcast and radio interviews, articles, reviews, awards.

The Spiritual Forum - Podcast Interview

I really enjoyed this conversation with Carol Saunders of The Spiritual Forum!

Charity Kahn, a musician and mindfulness instructor, centers her life on love and genuine self-expression, honoring her creative impulses as sacred offerings to the world. In this episode we explore life’s deeper values and challenge conventional measures of success. We delve into the wisdom of children, recognizing them as our guides and emphasizing the need to create environments where families can express joy through song and dance. We also address the troubling normalization of violence and the need to spread a message of kindness in the world. Tune in to “Generate Love” for an uplifting experience that will inspire you to live with a kind heart and purpose.

Million Vegan Grandmothers - Podcast Interview

I really enjoyed this conversation with Tami Hay of Million Vegan Grandmothers!

We discuss children, music, creativity, and the power of kindness.

Vegan Nation - Radio Interview

I really enjoyed this conversation with Marlene Narrow of Vegan Nation Radio!

We discuss the history of JAM, singing and dancing in community as a form of activism, and the new album, "The Vegan Album".

The Enloe Creative - Photo Docu-Story

I so enjoyed spending a few days with David Enloe of The Enloe Creative while he created this photo docu-story about ​my work in the community.

Charity Kahn and the JAMband will Get Your Kid Dancing!

Focused on positive values, she brings joy through music and movement

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