Tree House

"Tree House" appears on our Peanut Butter and JAM album. It's a really fun movement activity with kids, and the words are easy to sing and remember. Strap on your hard hat, get your tools ready, and let's go! Be sure to watch the video below to learn the moves.

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I've got an axe, gonna chop chop chop
I've got an axe, gonna chop chop chop
I've got an axe, gonna chop chop chop



I'm gonna build myself a tree house!


I've got a saw, gonna cut cut cut...
I've got a hammer, bang bang bang...
I've got a screwdriver, twist twist twist...
I've got a paintbrush, swish swish swish...
I've got a ladder, climb climb climb...
I’m gonna climb up into my tree house
I've got a telescope spy spy spy...
I can see the world from my 
See the world from my 
See the world from my tree house!


​Copyright 2004 Charity Kahn

Released April 4, 2004

Track #2 on the "Charity and the JAMband" album Peanut Butter and JAM

Charity Kahn: vocals, keys, flute, co-production

Charlie Crocker: bass

Amos Glick: guitars and mandolin

Hud Bixler: drums

Daryn Roven: engineering and production

Artwork: Charity