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Earth Day

"Earth Day" appears on our "EARTH: Songs for the Earth and All Beings​" album. It's a reminder that every single day, every single moment, is an opportunity to remember our connection, our inter-being, and that it's our job to take care of each other, the Earth, the animals, the plants, the ecosystems...everything! Every day should be Earth day!

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EARTH DAY by Charity and the JAMband

EARTH DAY by Charity and the JAMband

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Lead Sheets + Charts:


this old Earth's 
been around awhile 
she knows how to cry 
she knows how to smile 
she's happiest when we 
care for her soil 
and the water and air 
that feed us all 

this old Earth 
runs on her own time 
how long does it take 
for a mountain to grind 
all the way back down 
to a grain of sand 
and then become 
a mountain again 

every day 
should be Earth Day 
and every one 
every daughter and son 
will love her 
like a mother 
and cherish her 
every single day 
should be Earth Day! 
every single day 
should be Earth Day! 
every single day 
should be Earth Day! 
every single day 

this old Earth 
is home for all 
the beasts and plants 
stout and tall 
some take root 
and others walk 
some even fly 
some even talk 

we ride through space 
upon her crust 
never looking back 
in Earth we trust 
she’s a ship afloat 
in a sea of night 
the burning sun 
her guiding light 

now is the moment 
to open our eyes 
and our minds and our hearts 
and realize 
the Earth is our friend 
the Earth is our home 
the Earth is our Mother 
we are never alone 
we must protect 
our only Earth 
every action and intention 
affirming her worth 
let’s do no harm 
and take good care 
of every life 
every day...


Copyright 2016 Charity Kahn

Released April 22, 2016 (Earth Day!)

Track #3 on the "Charity and the JAMband" album EARTH: Songs for the Earth and All Beings

Charity Kahn: Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Synth

Paul Lamb: Bass

David Rokeach: Drums

Daryn: Engineer/Mix/Master

Daryn and Charity: Production

Artwork: Charity

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