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Brand new web site!

Hello JAMmers!

I'm writing with excitement as I release this new version of my web site. To create it, I worked with an editing tool for the first time, after coding my own site by hand for years and years -- a leftover from my past life as a software engineer and web designer.

I hope you find the new site informative, comprehensive, and clear, and I hope it helps us feel even more connected! I'm open to any and all feedback, of course.

I am grateful for the continuing opportunity to create community with you and your families! I'll leave you with a piece I wrote for the home page of the new site:

Why I do this work

We are living in increasingly violent and chaotic times. Our kids need us to show up for them, now more than ever.

Children need to feel safe, supported and understood in order to develop. They need to be seen, heard, honored for who they are, and loved unconditionally.

They also need to be shown the importance (the necessity!) of kindness, presence, understanding, co-operation and compassion in our world. They need to hear a story that challenges the one they receive from the media and our culture at large. And we, their caregivers, need this too.

In these times, the work of being in community with children, learning together about ways to be kind, is of utmost importance.

I bring my music and messages to children, families and communities as an antidote to the sense of fear, oppression and separation that permeates our society. We work together, in collaboration, to grow into kinder, more compassionate, more aware, more welcoming human beings.

Our job is to generate love, and put it out into the world. So let's get to work!

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