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Welcome to the 2015 JAMband Family Festival!

Sunday June 7 @ 3-5pm: CELEBRATE END-OF-SCHOOL!
Sunday July 26 @ 3-5pm: CELEBRATE DEEP SUMMER!
Sunday September 13 @ 3-5pm: CELEBRATE BACK-TO-SCHOOL!
Sunday October 25 @ 3-5pm: CELEBRATE HALLOWEEN!

The Park Chalet/Beach Chalet has been generously opening its lawn to the JAMband for NINE summers now, enabling us to serve up handmade music and dance outside under the open skies and atop the grass and earth, nestled between the forests of Golden Gate Park and the sandy shores of our beautiful Ocean Beach. Thank you Park Chalet!

At each concert, Charity and the JAMband present a magical mix of music, dance, mindfulness and big family love. Come to connect with your kids, relax in the great outdoors, and sing, dance and breathe in community!

See you at the show!

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