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Register for JAMboodas Classes

Friday JAMboodas Classes!

READ THIS FIRST: If you are a NEW JAM FAMILY (i.e., if I don't have your registration info on file from a previous class/camp), please complete both STEP 1 (registration) and STEP 2 (payment) below. If I already have your current vitals, you can skip straight to STEP 2 (payment). Thank you!!!


Please click here to fill out the registration form. After submitting the form, you'll be directed back to this page so you can pay in STEP 2, below.


  • Series: The JAMboodas Winter Series Fee (10 classes) is $220 for one child, $330 for two sibling children.

  • Drop-In: The JAMboodas Drop-In Fee (1 class) is $26 for one child, $39 for two sibling children.

  • Prorate: To join mid-session and receive a prorated fee, email Charity.


Payment methods:



  • PayPal:

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