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Creatures & Critters

“Creatures & Critters" is our seventh album of music for children and families. The album is a collection of love songs for and about animals, and encourages us to remember that animals are as deserving of freedom, health, well-being and life as humans.


The music ranges from throwback retro-JAM arrangements to classic CJB all-out rock’n’roll. Singalongs and dance-alongs abound. The 17-track collection also includes five guided meditations to support children in finding calm and presence.


This album is the perfect soundtrack for families looking for joyful and ethically-aligned media to support them on their journey of raising kind, aware, awake and loving kids!

In the music player:


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For physical copies, go here or  order from me directly.

Creatures & Critters is dedicated to all the dear animal beings who are suffering right now as a result of habitat destruction and animal agriculture. May we wake up and begin to treat them as family!

I'm also deeply grateful to:

  • The preschool children and teachers I've worked with over the years. I've learned so much from you, and you remain my biggest inspiration for continuing to create music! To name a few: KidsKollege, Sunset Co-Op, City Sprouts, Phoebe Hearst, Playmates Co-Op, Frandelja Enrichment Center, Judith Baker Child Care Center, Miraloma Co-Op, and so many more!

  • My partner Daryn Roven for his always amazing engineering and production skills and musicianship and editing (not to mention whistling and bug voices!)

  • Lucas Roven (dog extraordinaire) and my son Silas Crocker for inspiring The Baby Dog

  • Sophia Roven, Daryn, and Laurie Pomeranz for last-minute consultation on the album artwork

  • Jerry Garcia and David Grisman for introducing me to There Ain't No Bugs On Me, which became We Love Those Itty Bitty Bugs

  • Laura Ossa for her inspired and magical song-leading during our family's time at Sunset Co-Op Preschool

  • Animal Place, Rancho Compassion, and Preetirang farm animal sanctuaries for sharing stories about their dear animal residents

  • The kids and teachers at KidsKollege Preschool for the inspiration for the animal meditations

  • The kids and teachers at CitySprouts Preschool for the inspiration for We Love Baby Chicks

  • David Rokeach and Paul Lamb for their JAMmin' contributions to The Water Song

  • To all the animals, near and far, seen and unseen...WE LOVE YOU!


Coming soon!

Printables + Activities:

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Lead Sheets + Charts:

Videos + Dance Moves:

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Coming soon!


​Copyright 2021 Charity Kahn

Released April 9, 2021

All Music & Lyrics by Charity Kahn except for traditionals


Performed by:

Charity Kahn: vocals, acoustic guitars, keyboards, ukulele, synths, flutes, percussion

Daryn Roven: electric and acoustic guitars, ukulele, cavaquinho, whistling, synth bass, drums & strings

Paul Lamb: bass on The Water Song

David Rokeach: drums on The Water Song

Engineering: Daryn Roven

Additional Engineering: Charity Kahn

Mix/Master: Daryn Roven

Production: Daryn + Charity

Artwork: Charity

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