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Music, Movement & Mindfulness

for Humans of All Ages and Stages

Let's wake up together!


We include everyone!

The "JAM Intention" is to engage children, families and communities in a grounded, loving and celebratory exploration of life through music, dance, play and mindfulness.


Explore the web site to find award-winning music, classes, camps, programs, concerts, and celebrations for all ages, created and guided by family musician and teaching artist Charity Kahn.

Let's open our hearts, dance ourselves awake, sing ourselves alive, love each other silly, and remember that we're ALL family!

Learn more below...


Why I do this work

We are living in increasingly violent and chaotic times. Our kids need us to show up for them, now more than ever.

Children need to feel safe, supported and understood in order to develop. They need to be seen, heard, honored for who they are, and loved unconditionally.


They also need to be shown the importance (the necessity!) of kindness, presence, understanding, co-operation and compassion in our world. They need to hear a story that challenges the one they receive from the media and our culture at large. And we, their caregivers, need this too.

In these times, the work of being in community with children, learning together about ways to be kind, is of utmost importance.


I bring my music and messages to children, families and communities as an antidote to the sense of fear, oppression and separation that permeates our society. We work together, in collaboration, to grow into kinder, more compassionate, more aware, more welcoming human beings.

Our job is to generate love, and put it out into the world. So let's get to work!

I love you...


"Music for any family that wants to instill love, sweetness, nature, thankfulness and kindness for others, in their family, community, and the world."

JAMband Music

We've released seven albums of award-winning music for families! Themes include peace, kindness, inclusion, celebration, wonder, community, nature, and, of course, love.


We hope you'll listen on your favorite streaming service, or purchase CDs for your family, friends or school!

"It's not kids music, it's PEOPLE music!"


for All Ages!

We perform concerts all around the Bay Area at schools, festivals, libraries, birthday parties, and more. Come to a public show, or hire us for your special event. Big Love is on the way!

"Charity uses music to communicate those deep, passionate, seemingly unexpressable feelings she has about her children and motherhood....Kahn's voice is sweet yet sultry, perfectly pitched, somewhat childlike, and simply beautiful. Think Steve Nicks meets Sarah McLachlan meets Karen Peris of the Innocence Mission. I think, if I could sing like that I could get my kids to pick up their toys."

JAMboodas Classes

(Ages 0-5)

Sing, dance, play, love with your little ones! Come enjoy our weekly and monthly classes for children and caregivers. Our JAMboodas community is excited to meet you!

"Each song is unique but equally wonderful. And while the songs are musically beautiful, they also have an undercurrent of deep thoughts and a vision of love and acceptance for everyone in the world."


(Ages 5-9)

Check out our day-long mid-year and summer camps for school-aged kids. We have a blast with music and dance, all while learning about kindness, compassion, Earth care, and healthy communities.

"'Free to Be, You and Me' grows up and rocks out."

School and Library Visits

Charity absolutely LOVES teaching and performing at schools, libraries and community events, either on a weekly or monthly basis, or for one-off performances and events. Please reach out, and we'll set something up!

"Charity and the JAMband celebrate childhood and family life with unfettered enthusiasm. The experience feels like a kinetic and soulful 24-hour jam concert, tailored to the ever-changing moods of a family. This music will help kids and their parents soar and cuddle through many a day!"

"Charity is a force of love in the world."

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