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Party Like a Twinkle Star

The people are saying it's "astonishing, gorgeous, jammin', awesomely good, a revelation, kinetic & soulful, a survival tool, out of this world, uplifting, adventurous, genius, passionate, simply beautiful, groovy party animal, clever, a heartwarming vessel for bonding, strong stuff for anyone to resist."

Recipient of Parent's Choice and NAPPA Gold Awards
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Why a double album???
Party Like a Twinkle Star, our new release, comes with two CDs! You get: Party: 10 Songs for Rocking Out AND Twinkle: 10 Song for Tucking In. As a collection, this double album showcases all the JAMband has to offer. If you're new to the JAMband's brand of family music, it's a great starting point. If you're already On The Bus, it's a necessary addition to your collection.

The album title is derived from a moment of lyrical play that happened in the studio while working on the song, Party. See if you can find the secret lyric, "Party like a twinkle star, party like a rock star, party like a cosmonaut"! I decided to release it as a double album both becaues it seemed the best way to honor the music, and also to give families a toolbox: one cd for partytime, uptime, energytime, wildtime; one cd for downtime, snuggletime, cozytime, bedtime. We would love feedback on the double-album format. Let us know what you think!

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Party Like a Twinkle Star - Charity and the JAMband
Charity and the JAMband: Party Like a Twinkle Star

What is it?
Our double album: one disc (Party) for rocking out, dancing, singing at the top of your lungs, and celebrating the loud and glorious and active parts of life; and one disc (Twinkle) for winding down, chilling out, tucking in, singing in sweet harmonies, and celebrating the mellow, snuggly, cuddly, mindful, quiet, relaxed parts of life. I was initially going to release the Twinkle half on its own as a lullaby CD, but after we went into the studio to lay down the band tracks for the Party half, I realized these songs all really worked together as a family -- thematically, emotionally, philosophically -- and wanted to remain connected. Some of the themes: rocking out and having adventures, dancing your heart out, saving the day, asking the big questions, chaneling your inner rockstar, finding solace in the interconnectedness of all beings, appreciating the beauty and magic of nature, loving each other so hard and long and much, practicing trust, finding quiet, making magic, coming home.

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SiriusXM's KidsPlaceLive
"Barefoot, sun-on-your-shoulders, hula-hooping music for funky families!"

Christina @ Cool Mom Picks
"Sure, it's for kids, but it is strong stuff for anyone to resist, something we knew way back when we lauded Charity and the JAMband's Rock Your Socks Off CD in 2006. The first-of-two CDs, aptly called Party, does just that from the start with the rocking groove of Get Your Booty Out of Bed that even gets me shaking my tired behind. The lush, soulful and slightly twangy voice of lead singer Charity Kahn keeps going through the lively Pancakes to the clever Some More S'mores that goes hilariously power rock for a bit. And, San Francisco's Charity and her versatile JAMband turn Row Row Row Your Boat into the funkiest thing I've heard in a while, with a boat that doesn't just row, but spins, jumps and swings too. What makes Party Like a Twinkle Star extra super special though is that it comes with a second CD called Twinkle that brings the tempo way down for those times when everyone needs to mellow out. Following the single beat of One Golden Bowl, the CD moves into the absolutely gorgeous, hymn-like So Long to the Day. I could even play this entire CD at bedtime since there are no woo, party! songs interrupting midway. Hey, even party animals need to catch up on their beauty sleep."

Our Kids
Within moments of inserting the first CD of her two-disc set, called Party, we were transported to a summer concert series or family picnic...the Twinkle CD is great mood music, with sweet, melodious lyrics. Depending on our mood and time of day, we have enjoyed the toe-tapping hits of Party or the more laid back, ready-for-beddie harmonies from Twinkle."

"Charity and the JAMband are every bit as proficient at rocking out as you might expect, but it's the lullabies that truly shine -- Charity's voice boasts an extra tinge of sweetness on the second disc, and although I wouldn't hesitate to play the first disc during rowdy moments with the kids, I'd actually be happy listening to the second one when the little ones aren't around."

Muse Reviews
"Charity and the JAMband is a funky, fresh, fabulous musical group that just likes to have fun, fun, fun. The bright colors and funky graphics on this fold-out CD's cover catch your attention right off. On PARTY, the music ranges from psychedelic-reminiscent guitar rock to more eclectic, tribal sounds with percussion galore. The ten TWINKLE tunes are hauntingly beautiful, with melodic interludes, soothing vocals, soft guitar strumming and unlikely chord changes that keep this 'lullaby' album in a category of its own."

Goodie Goodie Gumdrops
"Charity and the JAMband's fourth (and fifth!) studio album is a unique yin-yang approach to kindie rock. Opposites attract as groovy, party animal Disc One meets the soft, melodic lullaby of Disc Two. The San-Fransiscan jam band takes you on a fantastic musical voyage from the dance floor, to the campground, to the beach - even blasting into outer space - before parachuting down through the clouds and stars to tuck you into your warm, comfy bed. The opening party track, Get Your Booty Out Of Bed, sets the tone for the Party album. It's funky, feel-good music at its best. Charity Kahn is a dead ringer for Nikka Costa, with her distinct, soulful, bluesy vocals (which shine particularly on the sassy track, Rockstar). My personal favorites from the album were the garage-rock ode to breakfast, Pancakes, the psychedelic pop-folk tune Beach, and the bohemian anthem, We Are Stardust. It's irresistibly fun and something my entire family found themselves swaying to. But, for me, the Twinkle CD was the real gem. Charity and the JAMband can definitely jam - but they can also chill. The lyrics on this album are truly something magical, reinforcing themes of love, hope, encouragement and security. Listening to it made me long to snuggle up with my son in our glider and hold him close. Twinkle is a heartwarming vessel for bonding with your little one. The standout tracks for me here were the self-assuring Song In Your Heart and The Reminder a breezy, uplifting tune that reminded me of a cool spring day. Bottom line: I highly recommend adding Party Like a Twinkle Star to your music library. It's something I listen to even when my son is asleep just to relax or sing along to. Now that's saying a lot!

Mommy PR
"I love, love, love these CDs! It is very rare that I would listen to children's CDs when my children are not present but I would listen to either of these in a heartbeat. Both boys and I were dancing our hearts out with the Party CD and the Twinkle CD was magical -- 2 huge thumbs up!"

The Mommy Files
"Kahn uses music to communicate those deep, passionate, seemingly unexpressable feelings she has about her children and motherhood....Kahn's voice is sweet yet sultry, perfectly pitched, somewhat childlike, and simply beautiful. Think Steve Nicks meets Sarah McLachlan meets Karen Peris of the Innocence Mission. I think, if I could sing like that I could get my kids to pick up their toys."

Traveling with Baby
"One of our favorite new CDs for dancing and relaxing is Party Like a Twinkle Star by Charity and the JAMband. It's a 2-CD set, one for Party time or dancing in the living room with your child, and one for Twinkle time - stretch, do yoga poses, relax, and prepare for bedtime. The vocals are out of this world!"

Moms Most Traveled
"...probably the cutest name I have ever heard for a children's album. The party songs are energetic and uplifting, with positive lyrics...the twinkle songs are meaningful with snuggle-worthy lyrics. There is an element of genius in this album by Charity and the JAMband"

Commonsense Media
"This CD is a virtual parenting survival tool packed into 20 tracks to take you from a.m. to p.m. and back again."

Family Man
"Songs that celebrate childhood and family life with unfettered enthusiasm...the experience feels like a kinetic and soulful 24-hour jam concert...a lifestyle recording tailored to the ever-changing moods of a family. The album will help kids and their parents soar and cuddle through many a day!"

Time Out New York
"If you're already a fan of the JAMband's previous albums, expect more of the same quality groove from disc one of this two-CD package. With each chunky bass riff and every shimmering tap of a hi-hat, the first disc is the party music, the stuff that will get kids up and dancing. Disc two, though, is a revelation. It's the sweet lullaby yin to disc one's funky yang, filled with gorgeous acoustic guitar work, lovely piano tunes and a few a cappella tracks that show how beautiful Charity's vocals truly are."

The Washington Post
"Girls can rock, too, and they can rock while singing about things such as pancakes and rocket ships. The tunes are energetic, silly at times (but not goofy), clever (but not boring), danceable, cool and real musicians who just happen to be playing for you. We hope they will inspire you to rock!" - Parenting
"In an impressive undertaking, Charity Kahn and her band have produced a double CD set -- one full of lively dance-ready party tracks, the other a soft and mellow trip to slumberland -- where either of the discs would have made an awesomely good album unto itself. Together, they're astonishing."

Charity and the JAMband is:
Charity Kahn: vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar
Daryn Roven: acoustic and electric guitars, cavaquinho, keyboards
Jake Wood: drums, bottles
Paul Lamb: bass, Mellotron, engineering
Laurie Pomeranz: vocals
Danny Zingarelli: percussion
Jasper & Silas Crocker, Jonathan & Sophia Roven: kids' vocals

Produced, engineered, mixed and masterd by Daryn and Charity at The Hut, The Woodsey House, The Pink House, In the Pocket Studios, and Ed Bogas Studios. Additional engineering by Paul and Jake

All lyrics and music by Charity Kahn except:
Amazing Rocket Ship: Charity and Daryn
Party: Charity and Jasper
Star art: Silas and Charity
Front cover: Tammy Radmer
Artwork and graphic design: Charity Kahn

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